Hall of Fame - Batting | Wollongong District Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
1967017311531585350678596Travis DuttonWollongong Black2020/20214th Grade T202 1Northern Districts Blue
2927017311531585350679092*Travis DuttonWollongong Black2020/20214th Grade T203 1University Blue
3826708401531585349037982*David L StudholmeWollongong2020/20211st Grade T204 1Port Kembla
478626841531585349037578Tim C LawsWollongong2020/20211st Grade T203 1Balgownie
575626841531585349036175Tim C LawsWollongong2020/20211st Grade T201 1Wests Illawarra
674936661531585354173874Stephanie GillettWollongong Gems2020/2021Fraternity Club Women's T-20 League1 1Corrimal Cougarettes
77214607191531585349390572*Shahzaib NoorWollongong White2020/20213rd Grade T202 1Wests Illawarra
86815585851531585350678568Michael BryantWollongong Black2020/20214th Grade T202 1Northern Districts Blue
9626541051531585348217562Ethan KohenWollongong2020/20212nd Grade T203 1Balgownie
106019594371531585356302460*Taye RawiriWollongong2020/2021(U13B) Stage 2-Level 12 1Wests Red
11589727861531585349037558Matthew J GrealyWollongong2020/20211st Grade T203 1Balgownie
125510313411531585359550255*Tyler ShermanWollongong2020/2021(U17B) Stage 3-Level 31 1Helensburgh
13546954331531585349036154*Lachlan MaddinsonWollongong2020/20211st Grade T201 1Wests Illawarra
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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